background texture from subtlepatterns

  • is this a sideblog?

Yes, so I follow people/like stuff from allonsyblue

  • can i use your art for my icon/blog theme?

Yeah that’s fine with me! If you use my art in your layout I would appreciate credit somewhere. The only thing I’d prefer you not to use is the icon that I drew to use for my own blog

  • what program do you use?

Photoshop CS5

  • what brushes/brush settings do you use?

I use Frenden’s custom Photoshop brushes! If you ink in photoshop intensively I highly recommend buying them.

These doodle brushes are some of my fav

  • what size canvas do you draw at?

around 8x10in at 300dpi (2400x3000 px) if I remember to draw it at print size but I get distracted a lot so. Usually my canvas is around 2500px across. Don’t be like me it causes so many regrets

  • do you use a tablet?

Right now I’m using a Wacom Intuos4 Medium and it’s my baby. Keep in mind the medium size is actually quite large (tablet itself is 10x14in, drawing surface is 6x9in)

I used to use a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet refurbished from Amazon, about $50 and portable so it’s a fairly cheap, decent option

I also hear good things about Monoprice (personally I didn’t like it when I tried it out and resold it but that might be just me)

  • what kind of sketchbooks/pencils/pens do you use?

Anything that’s cheap lol find what works for you, you guys

My absolute favorite pens are Zebra brush pens 

Favorite sketchbook ever is Kunst & Papier, I love how they’re bound, they lay flat nicer than moleskines and the paper is way less intimidating. The only stores I’ve seen carry them are Art Center student store & Blue Rooster in LA (by Vermont & Hollywood) or I guess you can find them online, they look like this:

  • how can I buy your art?

At conventions if I have an artist alley booth but I only frequent California cons right now. I don’t have plans to branch out to other states any time soon but I’m always looking into them… maybe… next year….. It’s hard enough to handle even local cons as it is

You can buy prints and a couple of other products online at my Society6 store (if you’d like me to put up specific prints contact me and I’ll let you know if I can make that happen, sometimes the files just don’t work out with size/certain products)

Online button sales are at my Goodsie store. It’s closed temporarily but I’ll let you guys know as soon as I have the energy to put it back up

  • any advice on how to draw? (general/specific/tutorial)

omg please ask someone who knows what they’re doing!!!!!

I don’t know how to teach things but if you ask about something specific I’ll do my best I guess

art is hard

  • how do i get clean scans?
with photoshop magic
  • how do i change the color of my lineart?
more photoshop magic
  • do you do requests / you should draw __ / you need to draw __ / more of __

Thanks May for this informative graphic

Let me be straight with you strangers telling me what to draw is one of my biggest pet peeves and no matter how well-intentioned you are or how nicely you ask I will just get irritated and ignore it

just so you know

  • do you do commissions?

Not right now, sorry

  • how long have you been drawing?

Since I was a little babby

  • how can I get a list of tags like yours?

Here is how I do it with my theme, all of them are just manually written out. On some themes you may have to put the links in the “description” box instead. You can get them on a separate page by going to your Customize Blog thing and scrolling down to Pages → +Add a page

  • how do you meet all these celebrities?!

I live right in the middle of LA and it sort of happens

  • why is anon off?
I prefer to answer most asks privately. It drives me absolutely nuts to have a lot of text/asks on my artblog to the point where I compulsively delete older questions. If you can’t ask off anon then I probably don’t want to answer it
  • why didn’t you answer my question??

I get a lot of messages……

If you wrote me a really nice message, I like to keep them to myself because if I answer it then it will disappear!!!!! Sorry if it seems like I’m ignoring you, sometimes I’ll try to respond but I don’t know how to use words THAT’S WHY I JUST DRAW ALL THE TIME AHH…

Also if you asked an actual question sometimes I’m like “hmm i will answer this later i guess” and then i forget to answer it forever. And then when I remember it’s already been like three weeks and it’s really awkward. I am the worst